Re: [Evolution] How to write in letters that have come in the In-Box

On Fri, 2007-08-17 at 11:44 +1000, Steven Heimann wrote:

Lotus notes allows it.  I used to edit the subject of incoming emails so
I could file them in a useful way for later reference.  I have now
switched to Evolution and this is the feature I miss most.

Steven, was that in Windows or in Linux. I really need to locate some
e-mail software that would allow for just what you describe above. If
Lotus notes can be used in Linux, then perhaps that is what we need.

In our home-office we manage a daily e-mail newsletter, and have just
brought our entire archive over from Eudora in Windows, over to
Thunderbird in Feisty. But we are facing a serious problem, because our
own daily newsletter when we send it out and ourselves receive a copy of
it, we need to be able to make annotations on it for filing purposes. It
is of critical importance. And Thunderbird does not permit writing on
incoming mail. Neither does Evolution. Is there any e-mail software for
Linux which allows writing on INCOMING MAIL (i.e. on mail which has
arrived into the inbox)?? 

If I may say, we are in desperate need of any such e-mail program that
will allow us to write in the subject header of incoming mail, as well
as to make certain notes in the body of the mail as well.

If anyone knows of an extension or adaptation which would allow for such
annotations to be made in Evolution or Thunderbird on INCOMING MAIL,
please let us know. Otherwise we will need to change to another
software, and unfortunately we need to do so quickly. 

If you know of any Linux-based e-mail software which allows for editing
of incoming mail, kindly inform me.

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