Re: [Evolution] How to write in letters that have come in the In-Box

On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 21:34 -0400, Dinbandhu wrote:

I would like to know, do most other modern e-mail programs offer this
facility of editing in-coming mail, or not? Linux-based, Windows-based,
Mac-based-- whatever it may be, what is the current norm among most
e-mail programs? Does Thunderbird offer it, does Outlook offer it, does
Eudora offer it?

Since my ancient Eudora software dating back to 1997 offers it, I
presumed that other, more current software must as well. What is the
usual facility in other current programs in this regard?

None of the email apps I've used have allowed editing of anything other
than messages in the draft and template folders ( and Evolution doesn't
support templates! )

I agree with Patrick on the issues that editing incoming email raises.
If you *ever* want to use email in court, you'd better not let anyone
find out that you're able to do this, because it will completely
invalidate ALL your email as evidence.

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