Re: [Evolution] scheduling resources with the exchange connector

Auto accept for Resources on Exchange works in Evo and OWA.
At least it does in Evo 2.6.3.

On Mon, 2006-09-11 at 19:12 -0500, Peter Van Lone wrote:
On 9/11/06, Paul Smith <psmith paulandlesley org> wrote:

> I would dearly love this capability as well; as it stands I need to reboot
> to Windows on order to schedule a meeting!
> However, someone else here mentioned it wasn't possible to do this through
> OWA either; is that true?  If so I don't see how Connector could do it :-/.

It was me who reported that this is not available via OWA, as this is
what was reported to me by a customer (one who generally seems to know
his shit).

However, I have since talked to one of my exchange admin buddies, and
... the jury is still out. What we know for sure is that when the
appointment request is sent to the resource as a resource, using the
LookOut client, then the item gets on the calendar automagically.

However, each mailbox (ie including a resource) has the option to
configure "auto accepting" of appointment requests. So, what we are
not yet sure about, but will be testing in the next few days, are the
following conditions:

1)auto-accept properties set on resource, appointment scheduled in OWA
2)auto-accept properties set on resource, appointment scheduled in Evo-exchange
3)auto-accept properties NOT set on resource, appointment scheduled in OWA

If the auto-accept properties cure the problem for OWA requests, but
not Evo requests, then we know it is some sort of client issue, and
not the OWA service capabilities itself.

I'll post when we know.

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