Re: [Evolution] scheduling resources with the exchange connector

Hi Jules,


Have you had discussions with the core Evo developers about bringing
Brutus into the evo project officially?

No. I wish they would take a look at it, but they seem to ignore it
completely :-(

Not intentionally.  It is just that there are too many things to do and
too little of  US.
I am currently working on a big revamp of the site -
For starters, I would like to work with you in adding some info pages on
Evolution Brutus on the site.  

Varadhan has recently assumed his responsibilities as the maintainer for
Evolution Exchange. Let us get together some time this week for a chat
on IRC.


Are you and they working on similar, but parallel, tracks?

evolution-brutus and evolution-exchange are certainly similar in purpose
but they are vastly different tech-wise. See e.g. this blog from Terry
Myerson, General Manager for the Exchange Server division at Microsoft:

The short story is that WebDAV is living on borrowed time. It will most
likely go away after E12. Not so with MAPI.

I wish that I had coding skills, I would jump in here and help,
because in my estimation the exchange connector is ... not good

Testing and using evolution-brutus is equally important. 

thanx for your work, I am looking forward to having a chance to try
the system out. Do you know of anyone that has built a SUSE package

I do intent to package for SUSE too, but I haven't yet got the time to
do it. One of my users have merely used the FC5 RPMs on SUSE and are
saying that it works flawlessly. 

Best regards,

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