Re: [Evolution] new mail notify applet? Where?

Firstly I have evolution 2.4.2, so I don't know if that makes a
difference to the applet.

I added a mailbox in the prefs window, using:
"mailbox type"  "Evolution"
"mailbox name"  "INBOX"
"Folder" <selected my inbox folder from the evolution-style folder list>

looking at the mail-notification source (for gentoo) I see a patch
applied called mail-notification-2.0-evolution-2.4.diff

Ah, yes, I don't have an option for Evolution. I selected Autoselect for
the mailbox type. 

I installed by RPM(using yum) not source. Wonder if there's a way to get
the evolution patch for mine on FC4? Wonder if I could install from the
same source you used?

Thanks for your help.

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