Re: [Evolution] Evo 2.6 - adding a 'move' icon

Dr. Mr. Smith and list,
   Well, when I click on "Move", a list of my mail folders pops up.
I scroll to the one I want, then click it and the selected mail
moves there.  If it's the same as the one I used last time, it is
already selected.  If I were to drag and drop, where would I drag to?
There is no destination folder list.   It certainly would not be
intuitive to use the "On This Computer" list at the left:  I don't
want to move to the destination folder, which is what happens if I
click there.  Besides, even if that is what I am supposed to do,
I don't feel very comfortable scrolling while dragging and maybe
dropping the drag at the wrong place.  And don't I have to click
on the scroll bar to scroll?  Or am I supposed to scroll until
the destination folder is visible on the list, then drag there
(moving the mouse back and forth twice instead of once).  That
seems sort of backwards to me.  So, you see, the Move button is
much more intuitive.
   Anyway, I choose never to use drag and drop for anything.  This
came from some bad experiences in that other operating system, when
it was never clear whether drop meant move or meant copy.  I find
it better never to use it at all than always to be unsure about this
distinction.  Am I supposed to use Ctrl-click to copy or is it the
other way around?  Maybe this has been standardized now, but I have
habits that work for me.
   Paul, this is not directed at you personally (you just asked a
question, which I tried to answer), but I would like to take this
opportunity to say this:  I wish everybody would stop trying to
tell everybody else how to use their computers.  Call me whatever you
want, I believe this is a legitimate choice for me.  I am used to it,
it works, it is simple, it doesn't hurt anything, so why should it
arbitrarily be taken away?  Others are welcome to drag and drop if
that works for them, I really don't care.  I also realize developers
cannot add every gizmo that anybody ever asks for, but in this case
we are talking about taking away a gizmo that has always been there.
Presumably, it took some active work to remove it.
   (BTW, I do know what the kleenex box does, I was being a little
rhetorical in my original post, so please don't bother explaining
it to me.)
   George Reeke

On Tue, 2006-03-28 at 11:40 -0500, Paul Smith wrote:
%% George Reeke <reeke mail rockefeller edu> writes:

  gr> One person's "not useful" is another person's "essential."  The
  gr> answer is to make the toolbar configurable, as I have requested in
  gr> an earlier posting and have filed on the official feature-request
  gr> list.  Developers: I hope you are listening.  I am one of those
  gr> who consider "Move" and "Copy" essential, but would gladly get rid
  gr> of those unlabelled buttons like the one that looks like a box of
  gr> Kleenex that does who-knows-what.

I don't disagree with what you're saying about configurability.
However, I am curious as to why drag-n-drop doesn't meet your needs,
such that a "Move" button is considered essential.


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