[Evolution] Free/Busy Retrieval via http (non-groupware) not working for me since v1.4.6

In Evolution v.1.4.6 (on SuSE 9.1) I was able to create a contact, filling out the Free-Busy URL which points to a .ifb file on a web server, invite this contact to a meeting and see his/her free-busy display to pick a meeting time. I have tried several versions since then, the latest being Evolution v2.4 on the Ubuntu Breezy Badger PreviewLive CD, and Evolution does not fetch free/busy information via http, as verified from the www server logs. The same url cut and pasted to a browser works fine.

The most recent relevant post on the list I can find is here:


Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe the contact free/busy url in later Evolution versions needs a different syntax? Any ideas?

Many thanks,


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