Re: [Evolution] Forwarding mail with embedded images

good evening ladies and gentlemen,

Am Mittwoch, den 16.11.2005, 21:22 +0100 schrieb guenther:
take a look at for
the reasons.

Different bug. Especially comment #6 just explains, why forwarding
quoted or inline does not include the attachments.

hmm. after reading it again i have to say: yes, one can also read this
differently - like you do. :-)
i have interpreted jeff's comment ("and nearly decided to get rid of
forwarded quoted/inline altogether") to refer to forwarding mail
*generally*, but i could also interpret this as it could also be meant
only for mails with attachments, yes. :-/

I still consider this an oversight, a bug and a regression. I will
*fight* for #321640 and #321639. Try to stop me. ;-)

naaa, i know your army...

your co-bugging master

You bug-master, me bugging-master. Live in fear...

let's roll.


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