Re: Re: [Evolution] Local storage of exchange data.

Hi poornima,

My version is 2.0.2, the default one with fedora core 3. The issue imho is not with the stability of evolution as it can handle a couple of imap/pop mail boxes perfectly fine.  The folder that I am trying to access is huge (around 55K mails and would be around atleast 10 - 20 MB in size). Evolution takes ages attempting to scan this folder, and finally when the cpu usage crawls to above 90 %, i do a killall evolution.

Which component is hanging would be a tough question. I could run it in gdb if you want, but then if the cpu usage climbs up I dont think i would be able to get a bt :(

BTW, is it possible to download only incrementally the new files or any other method to make the whole process faster ?


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