Re: [Evolution] Logic behind a line through deleted messages and copying them to Trash?

Evolution List wrote:
Hi Andrew,
On Wed, 2005-03-09 at 11:52 +1100, Andrew Cowie wrote:

On Tue, 2005-08-03 at 10:45 -0700, Evolution List wrote:

but my question
was what is the logic behind showing the deleted messages with a line
through them and putting a copy in the Trash folder?  Anybody?  Is there
some practical usefulness to this


1) one reading style is to madly hammer the Delete key; by having the
messages still in the source folder with the line through them, you can
easily page back up to them if you want to refer to a message you've
deleted (ie, in that sitting) but not as yet purged.

2) a variation on the theme - user accidentally hits delete and wants to
get message back. Yes, you could haul over to the trash vFolder and go
hunting, or you can show deleted messages, up arrow one or two, and
undelete, and then re-hide deleted messages.

and (IMHO),
3) since large or complex vFolders tend to be really slow (they reload
every time you delete), having deleted messages showing seems to prevent
that regeneration of the message list, making them tolerably usable

Interesting reasons for having this occur Andrew.  I can see where each
of the one's you mentioned could be useful to some Evolution users.
Maybe it will grow on me :).  I guess it's a matter of how one is used
to working with email.

Be aware that this is not an Evo-specific or even *nix-specific point. Other mailers (e.g. the Windows version of Thunderbird to name one) do exactly the same thing if you're configured to "delete by marking" rather than "delete by moving to a (real) trash folder". In the case of TB it's actually more frustrating because there's currently no option for hiding marked-for-deletion messages; your only recourse is to purge them.


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