Re: [Evolution] filtering junk mail

Perhaps this is an obvious question, but I'll ask anyway. I have
Evlution set up to filter junk mail. It doesn't - I have to
manually filter all of it. Is there a configuration setting I'm missing
to have the application do the junk filtering?

Make sure you have enabled "Check incoming mail for junk". You can find
this option in "Edit | Preferences | Mail Preferences | Junk | General".

Hi Andre,

That's exactly what I did. That's why I'm wondering why nothing get's
flagged as junk mail.

Do you have SpamAssassin installed?

The Junk filtering of Evo uses the well known and very good SA to flag
the mails. SA should identify most SPAMs out the box. However, results
get better, once the Bayesian classifier kicks in, which by default
needs to learn 200 messages each SPAM and HAM (non-Junk). So train your
Bayes good... ;)


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