Re: [Evolution] selectable text in pop up boxes

I have keyservers specified in two places in my account:

seki-strombrg> grep keyserver options
# for sercain operations. Is you set this option to a keyserver
# Use "host -l | grep www" to figure out a keyserver.
keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve
Thu Jan 27 09:49:49

seki-strombrg> cat keyservers
Thu Jan 27 09:49:51

These are in $HOME/.gnupg/

That latter one may be a note to myself though.

This should make it so that gpg can get keys from a keyserver
automatically, by default, without being told to do so by evolution.
Evolution just tells gpg what key it needs to do the signing or
whatever, and then gpg tries to find it.

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 15:38 +1300, Russell Fulton wrote:
      I've run into an irritating problem.  I have finally persuaded GPG to
work with my old RSA keys and am now working on getting copies of keys
of people that I correspond with from the key server.

Since GPG will not do this automatically (at least the way it it invoked
by evo) I click on the signature icon and get the pop up which has the
details of the signature.  What I would like to do is then cut and past
the key id into a terminal window where I can get gpg to retrieve the
key.  The problem is that the text in the pop up is not selectable.

Cheers, Russell 

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