Re: [Evolution] How to annotate a received e-mail?

I don't know if this works in Evolution, but in another mail client I do a trick sometimes with IMAP where I move the mail into the "Drafts" folder, then edit & save it, and then move it back to the folder I want it in. That all works except that it messes up the header such that the msg. appears to be from me. By creating a dummy "Edited" from-name I can spot these easily.

R. Drew Davis wrote:
Back in my days of using MH for mail ("the good old days" :-), one of my
habits was to annotate a mail asking me a question with a dated note
about what I'd done about it or what I was waiting on to be able to
close out the item.    It was easy with vi to just jot a note in []'s at
the end of the message.    I'd typically start it with the date and end
it with my initials.    Is there a way in Evolution to add annotations
to my copy of a received e-mail in its folder?


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