Re: [Evolution] Missing contacts

Hi Andrew

I've been caught like that before so I was very careful and made sure I
copies the .evolution file.

By replacing the new .evolution with the old one I expected everything
to comeback. Most things did (mail, tasks, most contacts) but those
contacts in some sub-directories just went!

Looking in the .evolution file there seems to be no indication of where
the sub-directories are kept. In the addresses directory there are a lot
of directories with numbers localhost localdomain (I am using FC3 so
this local domain etc is a product of that). I can't work out what is in
the addresses.db that these directories contain.

There is also a System directory which also contains an addresses.db.
Again. I cannot open this and have no idea what this contains.

All very confusing and frustrating. I've searched the knowledge base and
the Novell Forum to no avail.

Sorry for this tale of woe. I've gotten a bit frustrated by losing about
100 contacts.


On Wed, 2005-02-23 at 23:38 +1100, Andrew Greig wrote:
Dave Smith <dave smith tstt net tt>

I needed to re-install FC3 and so backed up my home directory, did a
clean re-install, moved my home directory back to its original location
and expected Evolution to pick up where it left off. This is Evolution

Hi Dave,

I had a similar problem, but I caused it myself.  Because I had another Linux computer handy I "Copied" the 
home directory across to that notebook so that I could repartition the desktop.  That done I copied it all 
back again and got the surprise that perhaps has afflicted you.  Because I was in haste I did not tar the 
/home/andrew directory, as a consequence the .evolution folder was not included in my "backup" and of 
course had nothing in it after starting Evo again as it just wrote a new (empty) one.  Perhaps you still 
have a copy of an evolution folder from 1.4.6 kicking around that will give you most of your contacts

Hope so


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