Re: [Evolution] Error loading addressbook

hi gotya,

On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 16:18 +0400, got ya wrote:
You mean like this........

E2K_DEBUG=4 /usr/bin/evolution/libexec/evolution/2.0/libexec/evolution/2.0/evolution-exchange-storage

bash: /usr/bin/libexec/evolution/2.0/evolution-exchange-storage: Not a


you could check *yourself* if these exist, i assume not.
if you have "locate" tool installed, you could also search by typing
"locate evolution-exchange-storage" so you get an output where it is.

it just depends on your system. for example in suse9.3, it's located at
"/opt/gnome/libexec/evolution/2.0/evolution-exchange-storage". the
string above is way too long, perhaps it's
"/usr/bin/libexec/evolution/2.0/evolution-exchange-storage" in your
case, i don't know fedora. or check that by using your favourite file


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