Re: [Evolution] Error loading addressbook

See "Exchange Connector Debug" section at


On Fri, 2005-08-19 at 10:54 +0400, got ya wrote:
Sorry, how do u set up E2k_DEBUG=4? i'm a linux newbie and i'm using
fedora core 3.

On 8/16/05, Sushma Rai <rsushma novell com> wrote: 
        Your Exchange personal contacts working fine?
        You can set up E2K_DEBUG=4 and run Exchange connector in that 
        console and file a defect with the traces attached.
        On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 11:49 +0000, got ya  wrote:
        > Dear all,
        > When I click "Global Address List" under contacts, I get a
        popup that 
        > says
        >  "Error loading addressbook.
        > We were unable to open this addressbook.
        > "This either means you have entered an incorrect URI, or the
        server is
        > unreachable." 
        > I'm using evolution 2.0.4-4 and evolution-connector-
        > Can anyone help? thanks

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