Re: [Evolution] Re: [OT] Duplicate Views in 'Contacts'

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 08:48:29 +0200, Colin J. Raven wrote:

This email proudly sent using Ximian Evolution
"Look Out! This is Outlook without the sad outlook of Outlook Take a

You might want to correct this -- it is called Evolution only since Novell
acquired Ximian.
I'm not sure what you're suggesting.

Yes it's called Evolution - today as far as I understand it. It's also
"Ximian Evolution" today, regardless of its heritage, thus (if my
reasoning is correct) the quoted name is right.

And, even if Evo was a piece of crap compared to
Outlook, it would still be 1st choice simply because it's
free-as-in-freedom software.
No disagreement from me there! It isn't a piece of crap anyway, it's
superb software and I'm completely crazy about it. It *is* first choice
for me, I've been looking for an Outlook replacement for years.

SO, not to be pedantic or difficult about this in *any* way...what would
you have me do?? I must admit to being utterly confused.


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