[Evolution] Duplicate Views in 'Contacts'

Greetings one 'n all;
Just installed Evolution 2.04 and lovin' it!! 
Two small and relatively insignificant issues I could use some help with
if anyone has time to point me in the right direction:

1. Fonts (This may be something I should ask in the Xandros or kde
forums, but here goes anyway)
Not evo fonts, but system display fonts. 
My desktop resolution is set to 1152 x 870 but the evo toolbar(s) and
general interface display as if they were at a much lower resolution. Is
there a config file I should be tweaking that would make the evo
interface correspond more closely to the desktop settings?

2. Contacts:
If I create a contact then choose "add to address book" (though I fail
to understand the difference between the two as of this moment) then I
get a duplicate view of that contact in the contacts window.
a) should I even choose the option "add to address book" at all?
b) regardless of the answer to a), how do I/is it possible to eliminate
the duped view

Regards & TIA,

This email proudly sent using Ximian Evolution
"Outlook without the sad outlook of Outlook"

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