Re: [Evolution] Trasferring Evolution contact and scheduling data.

Hey there,

Actually, knowing that the data was kept in ${HOME}/.gconf/apps/evolution was enough. (I had my whole home directory backed up.) This procedure seems to work:

1. Exit Evolution (and apparently you don't need to quit the evolution-data-server, which is good, since I couldn't figure out how)
 2. Move the contents of .evolution and .gconf/apps/evolution in place.
 3. Start Evolution.

 ...and all (seems to be or) is well!

  Thanks, man!  (Why isn't this documented anyplace?)


Andre Klapper wrote:
hi jake,

please read the *entire* message before acting... :-)

Am Dienstag, den 16.08.2005, 10:36 -0500 schrieb Jake Gage:

I recently upgraded from Fedora Core 3 to Fedora Core 4.

so this is about the same computer, i guess. from which evolution
version to which evolution version you upgraded would be more
interesting... ;-)

I transferred my .evolution directory prior to opening Evolution for
the first time I've tried a number of things, and it seems that the names of the calendars are stored someplace other than just the .evolution directory

evolution stores your data in "$HOME/.evolution/", your account settings
in gconf (the gnome registry) [1] at "$HOME/.gconf/apps/evolution" and
your passwords in "$HOME/.gnome2_private/Evolution".
so normally all your addressbooks should be stored within the gconf key
"/apps/evolution/addressbook/sources" and all your calendars within the
gconf key "/apps/evolution/calendar/sources".

ok. now how to hopefully fix (backups can save your day, please be

take a look into the directories "$HOME/.evolution/calendar/local" and
beside a folder named "system" (this is the "Personal"
addressbook/calendar) there should be some folders named with numbers,
dots and an "@" followed by the name of your computer (for example:
"1091367772 4298 6 localhost") - if those folders do not exist then i
guess you haven't kept your 2nd/3rd addressbooks/calendars. :-(

now i'd prefer to shutdown evolution entirely by using "evolution
--force-shutdown" (don't know if this is necessary).

it seems like you would have to add your lost addressbooks/calendars by
editing those two gconf keys ("/apps/evolution/addressbook/sources" and
"/apps/evolution/calendar/sources"), to be more exact: since those two
keys are lists, you have to edit the first value of them, so you get an
embarassing small und unresizable dialog named "edit list entry" (gconf
sucks). you have to add your calendars by using the folder names
mentioned above.

i'm going to past my entire key "/apps/evolution/calendar/sources" as
it's much easier for me and for you:  ;-)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<group uid="1085492911 2187 23 embrace" name="On This Computer"
readonly="no"><source uid="1085492911 2187 24 localhost" name="Personal"
relative_uri="system" color="dabbff"><properties><property
name="default" value="true"/></properties></source><source
uid="1091367772 4298 6 localhost" name="2ndOne"
relative_uri="1091367772 4298 6 localhost" color="ff7e00"/><source
uid="1098457542 1683 0 localhost" name="3rdOne"
relative_uri="1098457542 1683 0 localhost"
color="becedd"></source><source uid="1103720156 4297 1 localhost"
name="4thOne" relative_uri="1103720156 4297 1 localhost"
color="eaeac1"/><source uid="1112784984 4129 46 localhost" name="5thOne"
relative_uri="1112784984 4129 46 localhost" color="bfbfbf"/></group>

you have to adjust it with your folder names.

good luck - sometimes there are problems that the new values get
overwritten by the old values after login out and in to gnome. then you
should edit the two keys after making sure that you did shutdown gconf
("gconftool-2 --shutdown"). shutting down gconf while running gnome
could laed to serious problems (i've never tested that), so you should
probably do this on the shell without running gnome, or within another
another idea would be to edit those two keys as described and
preventiously export them by "gconftool-2 --dump /apps/evolution/addressbook/sources > some-file.xml". so if your
new values get overwritten by the old values, you just logout of gnome,
make sure that gconfd-2 isn't running (by "ps ax | grep gconf" for
example), and then import those settings by running "gconftool-2 --load
some-file.xml" and log in to gnome again.

sigh. not easy, i know.

of course if you have a backup of your old working .gconf directory, you
can re-import ("load") them again into gconf by using "gconftool-2".

hmm. i'm confused. too much text written for an easy problem, i guess.


[1] you can edit gconf graphically by using "gconf-editor" or at the
shell by running "gconftool-2".

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