Re: [Evolution] Duplicate Views in 'Contacts'

On Thu, 2005-08-11 at 17:58 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
hi colin,

Am Donnerstag, den 11.08.2005, 08:40 +0200 schrieb Colin J. Raven:
1. Fonts (This may be something I should ask in the Xandros or kde
forums, but here goes anyway)
Not evo fonts, but system display fonts. 
My desktop resolution is set to 1152 x 870 but the evo toolbar(s) and
general interface display as if they were at a much lower resolution. Is
there a config file I should be tweaking that would make the evo
interface correspond more closely to the desktop settings?

if the entire ui is way too big, there's also a gnome setting for the
screen resolution (perhaps that's your point) at the directory
"/desktop/gnome/screen/default/0/" ("default" and "0" may vary i guess).
and no, gnome's settings aren't only available by hacking gconf, one can
also access some of these items by the gnome control center (but since
you're running kde, i don't know which parts of gnome are installed on
your computer, so i thought i'd write the save way). ;-)
Got it! Got it! thanks so much for the information. It was adjustable
from gnome-control-center, a place I never thought of looking since it
was an application I didn;t even know I had. Sorry that sounds very
n00blike, not because I'm unused to Linux, just unused to running Linux
in a desktop context.

2. Contacts:
If I create a contact then choose "add to address book"

where do you do that?! i thought "add to address book" only exists in
the mailer when right-clicking on an email address? please explain that.
Contacts | View |Current View = "Adress Cards" 
right clicking on what is essentially the "title bar" of a contact
exposes some options/choices (I was gonna include a screenshot, but for
some reason ksnapshot refuses to play ball suddenly - go figure!). Two
of those choices are:
"Copy to Address Book"
"Move to Address Book"

I don't understand the essential difference between contacts in contacts
and contacts in an address book. I seem to recall bumping into a similar
situation in an Outlook version somewhere, yet I never wound up with
duped contacts when I added a contact to the address book.

Now I have to say that if I delete a duped contact then the issue is in
fact solved in a limited sort of way, i.e the duped adress card
obediently vanishes. My point is this though; I run into the same
situation in the future if I add a contact to the addy book, and if *IF*
I import my old Outlook contacts list (something I've found out *is*
possible) then this could get messy in a hurry since I have in excess of
4500 contacts in there. (No idea if that's a lot, I just know that was
the last count I had before I booted back into this Xandros Linux
installation last night after an average office day in XP)

I'm crazy about Evo and would honestly like to spend whatever time and
effort is necessary to get it fine tuned. I've been looking to escape
the Outlook trap for years!! Help, advice, instruction, reading material
pointers, aspirin, or remedial blunt force head trauma would all be more
or less equally welcome.


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