Re: [Evolution] toolbar display text

On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 09:30 -0300, Eduardo Spremolla wrote:
It could be also a missing font on the remote client?
Thats happent to me on a Xterminal many years ago.


Thanks for thinking "outside the square" and suggesting a new place to
look.  However, mine being a thin-client setup all apps run on the
terminal server, so all clients are only going to see the same software
- one install on the server.  Despite this, some of the users have text
with icons, but some don't and no setting I can find or been shown has
any change to that.

It was said by a developer on the Xfce list thathe believed this to be a
known bug in gnome and/or GTK.  I consulted them because I run Xfce on
all clients.


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