Re: [Evolution] Suspending/resuming

Hi Harish,

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 20:42 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy wrote:
 Which version of evolution are you using ?

Sorry, I didn't mention that explicitly. It's 2.2.3.

there isn't any desktop-wide standard yet on how an application might 
know if the network has gone down (as a whole) or if it is just its
connection with a given server that is somehow in trouble.

I know, but I could think of ways to handle that, such as trying again
after a timeout. I'm not saying that's what Evolution should do, I just
don't know all the internals of Evolution.

You could have evolution go offline by clicking on the 'network icon' on
the bottom left of your application window - so it explicitly drops the
connections.  You may observe that depending on your settings, evolution
takes some time to download content for offline use and
hence might not go offline instantly.

I know about the offline mode, which is what I use sometimes as well.
But if I know I'll be online after the next resume, I'd rather not do
that. Besides, hibernating/suspending the computer should be done by
just a press on the right key. Otherwise, I'll end up shutting down all
the programs manually first, and then suspending :-)
So, I was just wondering if maybe there is a command-line interface to
Evolution that would take care of it. Some option to cause Evo to
reconnect (or go offline) or something like that.


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