Re: [Evolution] Is it possible to store foldes out of Home directory?

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On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 11:45 +0200, pensatorecontabile wrote:

first of all: what kind of partition is that? is it a FAT or FAT32
partition just mounted to "/windows/D/"? i would not use a FAT partition
as file permissions aren't supported by a Micros~1 file system. so all
files are accessible and executable by everybody having access to the
system (ok, you can change the first issue in your file system mount
table at /etc/fstab).

I remeber when I did create the partition (using YAST) I choose FAT32
Here the line of my fstab:
"/dev/hda7            /windows/D           vfat
rw,users,uid=milani,gid=users       0 0"
Do you think I need to change it?

Change the location you store the files, or change the filesystem
type of /dev/hda7?

Changing the filesystem type requires "formatting" the partition,
thus losing all the contents of /windows/D.  You probably don't
want that...

second, i'm going to quote a mail here from 2005-05-03 by peter smith:
"Where do I set/change the default location of the mail folders in
evolution.  Currently they are stored in folders beneath ".evolution", I
would like to change the location to a removable usb memory stick so
that I can take them from machine to machine."

...and not zed's answer:
"The best way would be to set-up a new account type, e.g. a maildir, and
point it to the usb location.
You can then use filters to make all pop mail go there, and the sent and
drafts folders can be overriden to point there too.
The only thing which can't move is outbox.
DONT use symlink."


Thanks for the reference to Peter Smith Thread,
I have setup a Local Maildir on the linux filesystem, and It works
then I have tryed to copy the content of the Maildir folder on my
Windows partition, but I receive the following error message <
impossible to create the file `/windows/D/posta_locale/Renato
Macconi/cur/1123061647.6499_1.eris:2,S' : invalid argument  > for each
message in the maildir.
Probably my filesystem is not able to manage
1123061647.6499_1.eris:2,S file name.

Correct.  vfat won't handle that kind of name.

Is there a solution?

Sure.  But it entails using a "good"/modern filesystem like ext3
or reiserfs.

If your existing disk is completely partitioned, you may need to
buy/install a 2nd HD drive.

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