Re: [Evolution] Filter on other than INBOX

Le mardi 12 avril 2005 Ã 16:51 +0800, Not Zed a Ãcrit :

What would be pretty cool is a way to assign colors to mails server-
side. Back in the days I tried to insert some X-Evolution-Colors (or
something like that, I can't remember how Evo called this field) to the
mails by hand but it was stripped by Evo. Nowadays it seems Evo stores
that somewhere in the summary. I'd really like to be able to colorize
mails subjects on the server (next step is to edit server-side filters
from within Evo, but I'd be happy with a homemade filer).

Hmm, yes, that would be handy.  The only way i could see this working
would be if we changed to using imap flags for labels, and then you'd
only need to work out how to assign the 'flags' on the imap side
(which may not be that easy either).  It would limit the 'colours' to
the 5 labels (which would be better than nothing at least).

There is of course, a non-trivial amount of work to get this to work
this way, but it would have the added benefit of working across
multiple clients to the same imap folders and storing this state
server-side (well, where the server supports this feature).  I think
it could also be compatible with mozilla mail's labels too.

I thought IMAP custom flags were poorly supported across servers.
Wouldn't just adding a custom header be a better solution ?
That's easily supported by many tools (think procmail rules).
FWIW I use a dozen different colors (I really enjoy visually
distinguishing mail kinds, I find it as useful as code highlighting) and
simply having 5 labels would be a bit restraining.


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