Re: [Evolution] problem with evolution 2.0.2 connecting to exchange 2003 on FC3

On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 13:09 +0400, Gilles Yue wrote:
In fact, i get this error while trying to connect to Exchange 2003.
I've read that this is a common problem with FC3 and evolution 2.0.
Don't know the solution though!
I get this too.. But I can connect fine. Not sure if the backend is 2000
or 2003


On Apr 12, 2005 12:20 PM, Sushma Rai <rsushma novell com> wrote:
        Are you getting this error every time you restart Evolution,
        or try expanding the folder tree?
        evolution-exchange-storage process might be crashing.
        Start it in GDB and see where it is crashing?
        On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 09:20 +0400, Gilles Yue wrote:
        > Hi,
        > I have evolution 2.0.2 and exchange connector 2.0.2
        installed on a
        > linux box running fedora core3.  I am unable to connect to
        > 2003 and i am getting this error message below.
        > Error while performing operation.
        > Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process: No
        such file
        > or directory.
        > Anyonw who came across this problem before, thanks for any
        > Rgds
        > gy

Gilles Yue
gillesy gmail com

Ow Mun Heng
Gentoo/Linux on DELL D600 1.4Ghz 
98% Microsoft(tm) Free!! 
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