Re: [Evolution] Future of Evolution

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 19:44 +0200, Job 317 wrote:

Also, if a user wants plausible deniability in not being notified of an
unpleasant event (say, dinner on Friday with an undesireable
acquaintance), a bounce of their original would make it appear that
either you no longer hold that e-mail address or that, at a minimum, the
server was down preventing delivery.

Also, think of past employers attempting to get you to come back for a
contract that you don't want to deal with.

Then again, you may find that having a policy of honesty in your
(inter)actions makes your life much less complicated and far more
pleasant.  People may even end up respecting you.  I suggest you give a
life of forthrightness and honesty a serious try, rather than trying to
get your software to lie for you!

Meanwhile, I'm glad I never hired you as a contractor.

Bounces should serve one purpose and one purpose only:  To indicate that
an address is invalid.  Despite what Mark said, I believe they are still
useful for that purpose.


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