Re: [Evolution] Future of Evolution

The "Bounce" function has may useful applications.

If, by "bounce" you mean "redirect", then it's at

  Actions -> Forward as -> Redirect

(and has been since 1.2 I think) and that is indeed useful.  If you mean
"bounce" as in "return to sender", then that's an MTA function, not an
MUA function, and is inapproriate in a professional piece of software
like evo - to say nothing of the deceitful uses which you mention.

Also, why would you ask whether I have developed the PGP-inline feature
for Evolution -- a feature that I know has been requested over and over
again for better overall integration with other PGP-enabled e-mail
services (e.g. Outlook). This question was simply an inquisition, not an

You seem to realise it's been requested, so you should also have
followed the discussion about why it is not going to be developed by the
Evo coders.  It is up for a bounty I believe, and ISTR there have been a
few false starts, so Ximian have effectively said that they will include
it if someone else codes it - hence Jeff's comment about you coding it. 

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