Re: [Evolution] IMAPs troubleshooting, shared addressbook, calendar, tasks?

tir, 18.05.2004 kl. 22.00 skrev Brian Ellis:

Here is a quick walkthrough I wrote up on getting openldap to work with
evolution. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere...

This is a *good* HOWTO! Thanks Brian - want to stick it on the net
somewhere, so that others outside of this list can access it?

A word of warning: The ldif will work with Openldap 2.0.x, since schema
checking is off. It will not work "out of the box" with 2.1.x or 2.2.x.
The reason is, that schema checking (strict adherence to the rfcs) is on
by default, and no-one in their right mind turns it off. The attribute
organizationalPerson has to have a superior: person, which has to have a
superior: top. There are other things that 2.0 will swallow and 2.1/2.2
(2.2 is even pickier, f.ex. with ACLs) will not. As I wrote, I'm a
RedHat person, but RedHat's Openldap implementation is and remains
abysmal, despite many filed ITSs and promises to improve.



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