Re: [Evolution] Filter question

ons, 19.05.2004 kl. 01.58 skrev Not Zed:

With dspam (pure Bayes) messages come in marked and judged with a
6-decimal probability of being spam. There's also one X-header I want
Evo to filter on: X-DSPAM-Result:. Values are either "spam" or
"innocent". Evo 1.4.5 doesn't seem to want to filter on this header, so

Using the "Specific header" filter option doesn't work?  "weird".

It works now :) Turns out I included the ":" in the header. Mozilla 1.4
(I have to include Mozilla as MUA alternative for non-Evo users) told me
*not* to include ":" as part of the header field.

The SquirrelMail filters are useless, BTW. Want to do something about
the SquirrelMail filter module?



We make out of the SqurrelMail with others rhetoric
but out of the SquirrelMail with ourselves, poetry.

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