[Evolution] IMAPs troubleshooting, shared addressbook, calendar, tasks?

I'm making great progress on my shared email services for my home network, and I've taken quite a few notes that I'm outlining for a home network services howto.

I've got evolution, fetchmail, sendmail, procmail, spamassassin, imap server, and ssl, all running well and today I accessed my home mailbox from work securely using squirrelmail via https!

One important note is that now the box that is serving all of this (an 850MHz Athlon with 256MB RAM) needs more memory. Oops. Guess it's time for a hardware upgrade!

I was getting REALLY excited to have all of these tools, getting ready to convert my wife's mailbox to imap, and then I realized that she needs an address book to store her contact information. All of that data is presently stored in Evolution Contacts.

I think that I'm going to need to set up an LDAP server to store the information. I have a couple of questions that are relevant to Evolution: 1. Is there a way that I can export contacts from Evolution in a format that can easily be imported to an LDAP server? (I think that there may be a format called ldif for that?) 2. Is there a howto for configuring Evolution to talk to an LDAP server? I've poked around a little bit at this with the LDAP server at work, and have had little success.

Two final questions: The first is related to secure IMAP. I have imaps enabled on my server, and have set evolution to "Use SSL," and I've opened port 993 on my firewall, but could not establish a connection with the IMAP server from work. Any idea how to troubleshoot that?

Lastly, I'm interested in hearing how others may centrally store tasks and calendar information. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Tom Cooper

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