Re: [Evolution] IMAPs troubleshooting, shared addressbook, calendar, tasks?

Hi Tom,

I think that I'm going to need to set up an LDAP server to store the 
information.  I have a couple of questions that are relevant to Evolution:
1. Is there a way that I can export contacts from Evolution in a format 
that can easily be imported to an LDAP server?  (I think that there may
be a format called ldif for that?)

From my experience setting up evolution to work with LDAP, the easiest
method of moving from Evolution to LDAP was to first initiate the LDAP
connection and then simply drag your contacts from Evolution into LDAP.
As long as you are configured to allow writing, it should work fine.

2. Is there a howto for configuring Evolution to talk to an LDAP 
server?  I've poked around a little bit at this with the LDAP server at 
work, and have had little success.

Unfortunately, I also had a hard time finding a simple walkthrough. That
said, it is not all that difficult to set up. Find a walk through about
how to set up openldap and follow it (the only part that is a little
hairy is creating the ldif file to create your admin user). A good
client to test general LDAP functionality out is called gq. Then once
you have LDAP running, in your slapd.conf include the
evolutionperson.schema (this file should be installed on the computer
that is running evolution). Once you get to this point, if you are
having problems let me know and I can try and help (please message me
directly as well because I don't always read through the list).

Lastly, I'm interested in hearing how others may centrally store tasks 
and calendar information.  Any suggestions?

Before you go through the whole process of setting up LDAP for shared
contacts, you may want to look at using OpenGroupware
( with the recently GPL'd Evolution Connector
(thanks guys!). I have just recently started looking at it so I can't
really say if it works or now, but it looks promissing.

Brian Ellis
Saberlogic - Consultant

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