Re: [Evolution] About "hide read messages"

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 11:32 -0400, Brian Ellis wrote:
I think it is important to recognize that currently (to my
understanding) Evolution is in a feature freeze for version 2.0. So
recommending additional features to the developers and then getting
upset that they tell you the software is currently unable to support
that isn't going to help anything. And to make things worse then you
attack their coding abilities. 

I wasn't upset that the software couldn't handle the feature, but at the
delivery with which one said such.  As others have agreed, I thought it
could have been expressed less flippantly (as it sounded, not
necessarily as it was intended).

It was my understanding that this is the
evolution-users list. A place where users can try to assist each other
with problems that they have encountered with the software. I don't
think this is the proper forum to spout of random feature requests for
the software and sling insults toward the developers. 

Of course, I wasn't the one who mentioned the feature, nor was this the
first instance of such an occurrence.  In fact, never has anyone said
that one of the other lists would be a more appropriate venue for such,
and the two other lists (evo-hackers and -patches) seem inappropriate
for suggestions.

And again, if my words came off as insulting, I apologise.  I repeat, I
didn't mean them as such and I am very pleased with Evolution; I
wouldn't be subscribed to this list and contributing (somewhat ;)

Regards to all,

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