Re: [Evolution] Installing Ximian connector from source

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 14:08 +0200, Roalt Aalmoes wrote:
      ret = bonobo_activation_active_server_register (
              bonobo_object_corba_objref (BONOBO_OBJECT 

it does not return 'Bonobo_ACTIVATION_REG_SUCCESS', but

If you install connector (or any bonobo component) into a prefix other
than your default GNOME prefix, you have to tell bonobo-activation about
it. As root, run

        /opt/gnome/sbin/bonobo-activation-sysconf --add-directory=${prefix}/lib/bonobo/servers

(changing "/opt/gnome" to "/usr" if you're on Red Hat or another distro
that puts GNOME in /usr).

Then log out and back in.

-- Dan

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