Re: [Evolution] Installing Ximian connector from source

Error while 'Scanning folders in "Exchange server <my exchange
Could not connect to Evolution Exchange backend process: No such file or

What if you run
${prefix}/libexec/evolution/1.4/evolution-exchange-storage by hand from
a terminal first, and then start evolution?

Running it gives the following error:

/usr/libexec/evolution/1.4/evolution-exchange-storage: error while
loading share d libraries: cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory

So I added /usr/lib/evolution/1.4/ to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but then it

Could not register Evolution Exchange backend services.
This probably means another copy of evolution-exchange-storage
is already running.
I tried to grep on 'evolution' or 'exchange' but I do not see these
other processes running. Do you know what's wrong?

Roalt Aalmoes                       E-mail:    aalmoes nlr nl
ATM Software Engineer               Phone :  (+31)20-511 3736
Airport & ATM Department (ATAP),       Air Transport Division
NLR - National aerospace laboratory,          The Netherlands

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