Re: Evo overhead (was Re: [Evolution] Connector GPLed!!!)

32.7% overhead

That's not all indexing overhead, that's mostly locally cached messages.

Ah, ok.

However, this statement is still false: "In what way?  Our only 
overhead is indexes and summary files which are a tiny fraction of 
the actual message content."

Oh don't be a pedant.  It is however, entirely accurate.  A tiny
fraction of the _actual message content_.  The cache is _actual
message content_, and the indices are the overhead.

I don't think it's being pedantic to assert (and give proof) that Evo
has 33% overhead on my system.  It doesn't matter whether it indexes,
summaries or locally cached messages.  It's overhead.

My wife's Evo 1.4.4 has almost 100% overhead.

Good for her! That means she has almost everything cached!  The way IMAP
SHOULD work.  You should be able to access everything offline.  Great!!

If that doesn't suite you, you shouldn't use IMAP.

/Erik - who wish he had 100% of the messages cached.

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