Re: [Evolution] check file size before transmitting!

considering the workaround is so easy, there would be no rush to implement this extension.

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 16:38 +0200, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
lør, 15.05.2004 kl. 12.48 skrev Bram Mertens:

> > > Does this mean my ISP's SMTP server is broken/doesn't support this or
> > > could there be something misconfigured on my side?
> > 
> > telnet 25
> [...]
> > Your ISP's server says you can send 10M e-mails, that would be around 6M
> > files, once they've been mime encoded in base64.
> Thanks for looking into this.  I'm not at all familiar with this but if
> I understand you correctly my ISP reports the max size to evo which
> should then immediately refuse to send the message which it didn't. 
> Should I file a bug report on this?  If so what info should I provide?

Perhaps Jeff or one of the others could say more about what Evo's smtp
service will do in the future. I'm using Evo 1.4.5. It's not worth
filing an ITS for Evo 1.4.

I looked at my own mailserver's (Postfix 2.1) log for the file I tried
for you yesterday - I deliberately set the server to accept 3M SIZE
files and tried with a 10M mail. Evo saw the SIZE advertised, but took
no notice. My mail server refused to accept it, but only after Evo had
started sending it.

rfc1870 says:

   An SMTP client wishing to relay a large content may issue the EHLO
   command to start an SMTP session, to determine if the server supports
   any of several service extensions.  If the server responds with code
   250 to the EHLO command, and the response includes the EHLO keyword
   value SIZE, then the Message Size Declaration extension is supported.
   If a numeric parameter follows the SIZE keyword value of the EHLO
   response, it indicates the size of the largest message that the
   server is willing to accept.  Any attempt by a client to transfer a
   message which is larger than this limit will be rejected with a
   permanent failure (552) reply code.

So ideally Evo should have given a warning and not even have tried to
send the mail, but very many clients - including other mailservers as
clients - don't take any notice of the ehlo SIZE keyword.


Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution and Free Software Developer

Novell, Inc.

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