Re: [Evolution] check file size before transmitting!

tor, 13.05.2004 kl. 21.50 skrev Erik Bågfors:

My guess is that's it's the mail server that says stop.  Not evolution.
If that's the case there is no way for evolution to know that it will
not be allowed until the server says stop.

Someone will probably correct me if it's actually evo that stops it

If the smtp setting is for smtp mail service and Evo does ehlo, it
should see (most MTAs) a maximum size advertised and refuse to send the
mail but it doesn't.

OTOH if the smtp setting is for Sendmail, it won't see any maximum mail
size advertised.

The crunch: People on sites that I administer are not allowed to use
Sendmail (they have to authenticate to be able to send mail at all, so
they have to use smtp). And if the MTA (Postfix 2.1 in my case) gets a
mail that is too large, it tells Evo (1.4.5) "no, no" and Evo tells the
user that it's forbidden. It stays in his outbox.

This really works ;)



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