Re: [Evolution] check file size before transmitting!

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 23:13, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
fre, 14.05.2004 kl. 20.39 skrev Bram Mertens:

I have configured evo to use SMTP mail, sendmail isn't even running on
this box...

Does this mean my ISP's SMTP server is broken/doesn't support this or
could there be something misconfigured on my side?

telnet 25
Your ISP's server says you can send 10M e-mails, that would be around 6M
files, once they've been mime encoded in base64.

Thanks for looking into this.  I'm not at all familiar with this but if
I understand you correctly my ISP reports the max size to evo which
should then immediately refuse to send the message which it didn't. 
Should I file a bug report on this?  If so what info should I provide?


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