[Evolution] Newbie Q : Evolution Folders and restoring from backup

Hope you can help.  (I'm sure you can... just
whether or not I will understand the answer).

I've recently changed from using Red Hat to
Linspire (yep... you have a difficult task
ahead of you).  I know enough about the
command line to mv and cp and tar etc but not
much more than that.

Before I blew away my Red Hat partition I
'backed up' my Evolution folder (not sure
what version it was either) (but had not read
any instructions on doing so...)  and the
results are now I have the following in my
backed up Evolution folder:
addressbook-sources.xml  cert8.db         
key3.db  searches.xml   vfolders.xml
cache                    config           
local    secmod.db      views
camel-cert.db            gtkrc-mail-fonts 
meta     shortcuts.xml

I am now trying to restore to Ximian
Evolution 1.4.6 on Linspire.  When I do a
"find" for Evolution I get the following
(note it found the backed up files also):
./home/yvonneh/My Documents/yvonneh/evolution

can I just copy or move the files over?  What
is the best way?  Or is it irretreivable as I
didn't back it up the "proper" way?  (as
indicated on this mailing list?)

Thanks in advance!


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