Re: [Evolution] home mail howto?

OK.  I think I get how to configure evolution to write sent mail to the
'sent' folder on the imap server, but I'm unclear how to set up the imap
server to:
a) allow writes, and 
b) read the data that is currently in the ~username/evolution/INBOX/mbox
file (and other mbox files as well)

Thanks for the encouragement.

I've got imapd running on my RH box now, and I can see the spool
directory, but none of the mail that evolution has moved to

If you're using an IMAP server to store your data. what do
you want in ~user/evolution ?
I don't really care where on the filesystem the data lives, but on my
current system I've been using pop to retrieve my mail and I have files
in the ~username/evolution/local/[INBOX,Drafts,Outbox,Sent]/mbox
locations, and I want to not lose data when I move to imap.

This is *very* similar to what I do.

We created "Sent" folders in each of our IMAP folders, and told
Evo that the standard destination for Sent mail is 

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