Re: [Evolution] Newbie Q : Evolution Folders and restoring from backup

Only your evolution data (in ~/evolution) and evolution config (in ~/.gconf/apps/evolution) need to be restored from backup (where "~/" is your home directory).

Evolution (the program) itself, should be installed from the corresponding linspire packages, or compile it yourself.  Although you could conceivably run it from files from the redhat system, it might be too much work (those files are a tiny subset of all files that are part of an evolution install).

If i'm undersnting what you're after anyway.

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 22:01 +1000, yvonne lee optushome com au wrote:
Hope you can help.  (I'm sure you can... just
whether or not I will understand the answer).

I've recently changed from using Red Hat to
Linspire (yep... you have a difficult task
ahead of you).  I know enough about the
command line to mv and cp and tar etc but not
much more than that.

Before I blew away my Red Hat partition I
'backed up' my Evolution folder (not sure
what version it was either) (but had not read
any instructions on doing so...)  and the
results are now I have the following in my
backed up Evolution folder:
addressbook-sources.xml  cert8.db         
key3.db  searches.xml   vfolders.xml
cache                    config           
local    secmod.db      views
camel-cert.db            gtkrc-mail-fonts 
meta     shortcuts.xml

I am now trying to restore to Ximian
Evolution 1.4.6 on Linspire.  When I do a
"find" for Evolution I get the following
(note it found the backed up files also):
./home/yvonneh/My Documents/yvonneh/evolution

can I just copy or move the files over?  What
is the best way?  Or is it irretreivable as I
didn't back it up the "proper" way?  (as
indicated on this mailing list?)

Thanks in advance!

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Michael Zucchi <notzed ximian com>

Ximian Evolution and Free Software Developer

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