Re: [Evolution] Need some help (I Got IT!!!)

Tony Earnshaw wrote:

The thing is, Mozilla is using pure Bayes (AFAIK) and Evo is using
SpamAssassin of unknown (to me) heritage (uses Bayes, but SA has a lot
more besides). My present version is 2.63 and I can do one heck of a lot
to make it work better for my site than Evo can.

I agree that one should be able to switch it on and off (what's the
point of having an SA-shooche mail admin and then stuffing the mail
through someone else's version of one's own thing?)

All in all, I'm not looking forward to moving to 1.5.

I'd personally like to be able use my the same training.dat from Thunderbird in Evolution. I mean, it's all ready been trained so well. ;-) The other thing I've always wondered, and this is kind of related. In Thunderbird I can label my e-mails, and in Evolution I can label my e-mails, but why don't they use the same type of labels? (I use IMAP.) That is, why I can't I label an e-mail important in Evolution and have Thunderbird recognize it as important as well? Sometimes I have to use one or the other depending on where I am, and it would be nice if these things could stay with me regardless. (I assume it's based some sort of IMAP standard?)

Thanks for the great e-mail client, by the way. ;-)

Back to lurking,
Ricky 8-)

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