Re: [Evolution] Re: [OT] why no line breaks?

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 12:35 -0700, James D. Ivey wrote:

I'll take a stab at that one even though I'm not a developer.  I see
that some messages show a "style" of Preformat rather than Normal in
the tool bar with buttons for bold, italics, underscore, etc. in
composing a reply.   I don't see how to change it while reading, but
in replies, you can change the style to "Normal" and it wraps nicely.

Hm, I hardly use HTML mail so I never use this format. But it would
explain what happens. Wonder whether actively people choose this format
or if it's the default for HTML mail?

I don't know why Not Zed's e-mails are in Preformat style (if that's
the case as it appears to be from what I can tell).  

so you probably don't know why your message is the same format? 

see below how I receive it in evo-


PNG image

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