[Evolution] Calendar display problem Evo 1.4.6, SuSE 9.0

I'm running Evolution 1.4.6 on several machines under SuSE Linux 9.0. 
On most of them, everything seems fine.  However, I have developed a
problem on one machine with the Calendar display.  When I enter a new
appointment on my calendar, it shows up on the Summary Page under
Appointments, but doesn't appear on the Calendar display.  I can't find
any options that would turn on/off the Calendar display (nor can I
imagine why anyone would want to do so) nor any other obvious solution. 
Any suggestions other than reinstalling Evolution?  It almost, but not
quite, seems like a permissions problem.  The fact that the appointments
display on the Summary Page but not on the Calendar display implies that
the appointments are indeed being saved.  

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