Re: [Evolution] Calendar display problem Evo 1.4.6, SuSE 9.0

Am Mi, den 02.06.2004 um 11:44 Uhr -0700 schrieb Gerald D. Pine:
I'm running Evolution 1.4.6 on several machines under SuSE Linux 9.0. 
On most of them, everything seems fine.  However, I have developed a
problem on one machine with the Calendar display.  When I enter a new
appointment on my calendar, it shows up on the Summary Page under
Appointments, but doesn't appear on the Calendar display.  I can't find
any options that would turn on/off the Calendar display (nor can I
imagine why anyone would want to do so) nor any other obvious solution. 
Any suggestions other than reinstalling Evolution?  It almost, but not
quite, seems like a permissions problem.  The fact that the appointments
display on the Summary Page but not on the Calendar display implies that
the appointments are indeed being saved.  

hi gerald,

this has been reported for a few times - as you've already written, the
appointments are saved indeed.
as a workaround you could close evo and then by typing "evolution --
force-shutdown" on the console and then restart evolution. normally,
your appointements should appear now.


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