[Evolution] migration from Evo 1.4?

Hi Folks,
Apologies if this is a RTFM, but I couldn't find any obvious info on
I'm currently using Evo 1.4 and I'm quite happy with it. I'm seriously
thinking about making the leap to 2.0. I'm wondering if there is any
risk involved in doing this. Will I loose any of my email, contacts,
filters, calander or any other data?
If there is a list of manual steps that need to be followed can someone
point me in the right direction?
Does evo 1.5 silently import everything from 1.4, or do I need to run
some special import tool?
Is there a recommended way of installing Evo 1.5? should I just grab it
via a snapshot from red-carpet, or should I just bite the bullet and
build it from source?

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