Re: [Evolution] upgrading 1.2.2

tir, 20.01.2004 kl. 18.46 skrev Jules Richardson:

I'm thinking of upgrading 1.2.2, primarily to see if it's any quicker
when running on a remote X display.

No, probably it won't be. It's a big, huge program and the window stack
is something fierce. Only one I ever ran that seriously taxed remote X.
[Notably, OpenOffice-ximian does not]. The 2.0 UI, along with GNOME 2.6,
along with GTK 2.4 whenever it's released, should do much better.

Hehe I need to remember enough about Unix mail environments to get Evo
onto my desktop machine whilst keeping new and read mail on the server.

Did someone whisper "IMAP"?


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