Re: [Evolution] upgrading 1.2.2

1) what do I need to back up prior to upgrade? Presumably some stuff has
changed in the ~/evolution tree between the versions so something later
than 1.2.2 will get very upset if I simply overwrite the new tree
post-install with the old one containing all my settings and mail :-)

Later versions won't get upset about your old settings. Actually, 1.4.x
does like it -- after some hugging your settings and data will be
imported / converted. ;-)

For backing up: Simply archiving the ~/evolution/ directory should be
sufficient. Just make sure to not lose the file permissions of the files
in the archives: a compressed tar archive would be good.

I know, I wrote a lot about this months ago. I just can't find it...

2) Running the install script from the ximian site should, presumably,
delete my old 1.2.2 installed version of ximian, install the later
version, and keep all of my mail settings from 1.2.2 anyway, correct?


(is there an upgrade FAQ anywhere? If not there should be ;-)

There are archives... ;)

Presumably I run the install off the ximian site as root, that'll do the
package upgrade (I'm on redhat 9), then when I first run evolution under
each of the user accounts it'll notice that an upgrade has happened and
migrate all the data for that user automatically?


Don't know about the installers, but be sure to install only Evolution
if you don't want XD2. Happened before... (Although thinking about XD2
might be worth it. :)


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