Re: [Evolution] upgrading 1.2.2

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 15:02, Andrew Cowie wrote:
On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 00:09, Jules Richardson wrote:
I'm thinking of upgrading 1.2.2, primarily to see if it's any quicker
when running on a remote X display.

No, probably it won't be. It's a big, huge program and the window stack
is something fierce. Only one I ever ran that seriously taxed remote X.
[Notably, OpenOffice-ximian does not]. The 2.0 UI, along with GNOME 2.6,
along with GTK 2.4 whenever it's released, should do much better.

Hehe I need to remember enough about Unix mail environments to get Evo
onto my desktop machine whilst keeping new and read mail on the server.

3) What *is* the version available 
1.4.5 is the currently release stable version.
It's excellent. Go get it. The upgrade should be smooth.

thanks :)
that's what we like to hear...

, and lots of people don't like
1.5 due to UI changes

a) 1.5 = development code


b) "lots of people" = one whiner that I heard of. The rest of the
community either thinks the new UI rocks, or are at least biding their
time to come to judgement about it after it's actually released as 2.0

My only dislike about Evo 1.2.2 is that it does too much for me - I'm a
great believer in the Unix "lots of little apps that just do one job"
philosophy and couldn't give a stuff about calendars and all the other
features. I just want a good solid email client - which Evolution is.
Other than that, no complaints at all :)

Frankly, since none of us really have any choice if we want to take
advantage of Evolution into the future, I personally think it's a bit of
a lame debate. The UI is what the UI is - and ALL of us got to comment
about it and give feedback 6 months ago.

Agreed. So long as it doesn't go in the direction of super-bloatware :)
See above tho... lots of little components with well-defined and
documented interfaces can be installed, left out, or even replaced with
something from another vendor entirely at the choice of the user is fine
in my book :)



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