[Evolution] Can't select Inbox

I have come across a problem with a company that I support.  As Preston Lee specified in December I am unable 
to select any of the folders after a crash.  The configuration is, /home is mounted from the server with NFS, 
RH8, Evolution 1.2.2 are on the local machine.  When evolution or X/KDE crashes and evolution was running, 
once a restart happens the only folder that can be accessed is the contacts folder.  If any of the other 
folders are selected a two second (aprox) pause happens and then the contacts folder is automatically 

I have been using Evolution for many years and "killev" has always cured any crash, but not in this case.  A 
previous support person wrote a script to cure this, but is very heavy handed in my opinion and would like to 
see a better 

The current solution is execute "rm -rf ~/.gconf*/*lock"

As the removal of all locks is pretty indiscriminate, they also reboot after running this.  I would like to 
see a solution that does not arbitrarily remove locks and does not require a reboot.

Thank you in advance for your responses!


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